About Me

Hello! Konnichiwa! G’day! My name is Alika. I was born in England, raised in Australia and I am currently living in Bali.  I’m three-quarters Japanese and a quarter English. I have lived in 4 different countries, traveled to 16 countries and 47 main cities so far!

After going through the toughest time of my life, I quit my 9-5 job working for the government in Australia and traveled for 6 months. I traveled around America with my best friend, traveled solo around Canada before meeting up with my parents in Japan where we mainly stayed on the island of Okinawa.  

About Alika

In December 2017 after traveling for 6 months, I moved to Vancouver on the IEC work permit. I met my husband 6 months after moving. He had just recently moved from Vancouver Island so we were both pretty new to the city! We still to this day talk about how amazing it is that we met each other! An island boy meeting a small-town Australian girl in Vancouver (a city we’re both not from)!

We got married in Vegas after just one year of dating. Since my family and friends in Australia were unable to attend our Vegas wedding, we had planned to have our actual wedding ceremony and reception in Bali. Just one month before our wedding, COVID happened! 

About Alika

I had wanted to start a travel blog long before COVID but never had the time or energy to do it. During COVID I decided to stop putting it off and I started learning how to build my own website. I created this blog during a time I was really missing travel and unable to, due to COVID restrictions. Writing about past travel experiences helped me because it made me relive those experiences.

Once COVID restrictions eased it gave me the chance to explore and write about British Columbia where I was living at the time. That is why you will find many articles on places in British Columbia on my blog. 

About Alika

In 2020, my husband and I thought a lot about how we wanted our life to be. We both realized that we wanted to live a life of traveling and living in different countries and the only way we could do this continuously is if we had online work. In September 2021 we quit our jobs, sold all our belongings, and moved to Bali!

In Bali, we are on the search to find online work so we can pursue our dreams of living a life of endless travel and adventure. Follow my journey on social media or subscribe to my email list below.

When I travel, I enjoy finding unique places to stay, see and do and I will be sharing this with you. I hope my blog can be useful to you when planning your travels or inspire you to start traveling and seeing the world one country at a time!

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My current top 5 favourite travel destinations:

  1. Okinawa, Japan 
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
  5. New York, America

10 unforgettable travel memories:

  1. Experiencing a typhoon in Okinawa
  2. Big Sur road trip in California
  3. Drinking way too much rum in St Maarten
  4. Helicopter ride over the Rockies in Banff
  5. Cruising through Glacier Bay in Alaska
  6. Getting married in Vegas & the free upgrade to the penthouse suite of the Palazzo Hotel
  7. Driving to the Grand Canyon in a mustang on my 30th birthday
  8. Stargazing at a real-life hobbit-hole in Bridesville
  9. Spending our first wedding anniversary at Niagara Falls
  10. Swimming with the Manta Rays in Bali